Does this sound familiar?

“May cause allergic reaction, numbness, tingling, diarrhea, constipation, dry mouth, internal bleeding, hallucinations, depressed mood, fungal infection, coma and death.”

This is just a short list of  side effects you are warned about from FDA approved medications.

That’s why I’m starting a company with some basic all natural products, including daily supplements.  I want to assist others in finding all natural, easy-to-use alternatives to pharmaceutical medications.

One of the most common causes of disease is stress, which causes a chemical reaction in the body leading to inflammation.  Inflammation over time creates disease.  If inflammation can be reduced, disease can be reduced.

The simplest way I found to reduce harmful effects of all types of stress is turmeric.

I am now 50 years old with none the common ailments that my co-workers have that fight with stress everyday.  I exercise moderately and eat everything in moderation, but I have consistently taken turmeric to stave off common ailments that plague many others my age.

Everyone is different, but studies show turmeric is a natural, effective way to reduce the inflammation that can cause pain, disease and even depression.

My supplements may not help every one but I believe they will assist a lot of people by addressing some of the most common ailments naturally without the dire side effects of pharmeceuticals.   I am not ruling out the need for care from a physician,  instead I’m advocating  basic methods of self care with natural products that are easy to use and may prevent or reduce the need for prescription drugs.  I encourage anyone to see a doctor about their health, but where wellness can be maintained even doctors suggest we engage in natural methods, for example diet and exercise.