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JoJogul 1 year ago
I briefly dated a guy in college, four months or so, and he thought it was LOVE. Phooey. I just wanted a good time but he didn't have the money required. He stalked me for years and back then there wasn't such a thing as a restraining order.
Vogis 1 year ago
I am so sorry for your loss.
Zulkinos 1 year ago
Hi, I have long piss for you sexy.
Kagal 1 year ago
I would love to have a wild night, we can get a room, take you out to a nice place for dinner with drinks to loosen up. Then we go back to the room and as soon as we get in i drop to my knees slowly taking your panties down kissing your sexy body making my way to pussy and start licking until you cum. Does that sound like something your down for baby, i will be your fuck toy
Vigar 1 year ago
Beautiful tit's. I love your soft sexy voice as you talk and have fun with yourself.

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