TriPro Essentials™ PEACE

100% Essential Oil for stress relief and mood balance

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Ease your anxiety and relax today!

A comprehensive blend of the most effective stress relieving essential oils (10ml supply)

INGREDIENTS: Roman Chamomile, Rose Otto, Vetiver, Frankincense, Spikenard, Sandalwood, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang and Wild Oranges pure essential oils.

This TriPro Essentials™ Oil blend promotes calmness and helps balance emotions.

  • 100% Essential Oils
  • Reduces stress
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Calming properties

Suggested application:

If you have a diffuser, follow the instructions using the Essentials™ PEACE blend. Alternatively, place 1-2 drops on a cotton ball and inhale the fragrance. Or, put a drop on the plan of your hand, rub your palms together then place hands over the nose in a “tent” and inhale through the nose several times. This blend can also be aded to other home products like lotions, sachets, soaps or sprinkled on dryer sheets. 

*Keep out of reach of children.

* WARNING: Never put essential oils near mucus membranes. It is rare for there to be a reaction, but always test an essential oil before using by placing a small amount on the underside of your upper arm; do not use further if you notice any irritation.  Not for use by children.



If your looking for a natural way to reduce anxiety and stress,  you’ve come to right place. I’m Tina, from TriPro Products, and I’ve been developing and refining PEACE for a couple of years.

Our immune systems are very sensitive to our emotional states. Though we are familiar with this fact, it is very hard to break old habits and most people’s lives are filled with demands that can’t always be adjusted.

My Essentials PEACE blend was developed while I was working with a team at a holistic wellness center.  Counselors saw clients who were dealing with sometimes extreme psycho-social issues which generated high stress levels on a regular basis.  We wanted something the clients could use to help reduce the stress and anxiety which always interferes with the healing process.  Knowing how deeply aromatherapy can improve mood, I developed a blend to cover a range of stress and anxiety triggers as well as promote emotional balance and a sense of well being.

Inhalation through the nose is the most effective use for this purpose.  Our olfactory bulb, which processes scent, carries the information from aromatic molecules directly to our limbic system, which is a part of the brain where emotional memory is stored. This is why scent is such a powerful mediator of mood, and why aromas reach us at our deepest emotional level.

Each ingredient in the blend has a unique property in reducing anxiety and stress, and supporting your body’s process of relaxing. Aromatherapy works for mood issues because our sense of smell is connected to a part of the brain where the emotional center and memories reside. Essential oil molecules are carried directly to these areas.