TriPro Essentials™ CLEAR NAIL

100% Essential Oil for Nail Fungus


Get rid of nail fungus!

A topical, easy to use 100% natural blend for nail fungus, leaving nails clear and restored. Non-toxic.

INGREDIENTS: Oregano, Tea Tree, Red Thyme, Lemongrass, Lavender and Rose Otto pure essential oils with organic coconut oil

Suggested application:

Rub 1 drop of CLEAR NAIL into each affected nail 3 times daily.  Keep the area as dry and ventilated as possible.  It is very important to use this product consistently!  CLEAR NAIL, because of its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties can also be used as a disinfectant.  Just add 10 drops to 1 cup of water and 2 tablespoons of alcohol (this can be rubbing alcohol or vodka).  Put into a spray bottle, shake well before spraying, and use it to disinfect bathrooms, kitchens, insides of shoes – anywhere there is potential for bacteria and fungus growth.

*Keep out of reach of children.

* WARNING: Never put essential oils near mucus membranes. It is rare for there to be a reaction, but always test an essential oil before using by placing a small amount on the underside of your upper arm; do not use further if you notice any irritation.  Not for use by children.

Get rid of your nail fungus today!


As with RELIEVE, it was again my own experience that led me to develop this blend.

I found a fungus infection developing on a nail on my right hand. I was anxious because of everything I’d heard about how hard it is to get rid of fungal infections, and I’d known many people over the years who just lived with gnarled, yellowed, crumbling nails.

Essential oils have powerful antifungal properties so I began seeking a remedy by experimenting with lavender.  I saw improvement, but not complete healing.  After about 6 weeks of trial and error, I created a blend that completely removed the fungus, and it didn’t come back.

I took the remedy to an elderly neighbor who’s thumb had an advanced fungal infection, and I asked if she’d mind trying my remedy.  She agreed and used it daily.  It began showing improvement in about three weeks (fungus is stubborn and you have to be patient!).  But she continued use and her nail fungus completely cleared up.  Because she had a dry skin problem, I also added one more ingredient moisturize her hands and make them less prone to infection.  That was organic extra virgin coconut oil, which additionally has its own anti-fungal properties.

One more testimony:  me again, on a boat.  I jabbed my toe on a sharp screw protruding from the ladder on the back of a cabin cruiser.  I cleaned and bandaged it, but it developed a bacterial infection.  After I got the infection cleared up, I noticed the nail over a few weeks was starting to bend and yellow.  Another fungus infection.  I immediately started using my remedy, and the nail healed completely!

Each ingredient in the blend has a unique property in fighting fungus.