TriPro Essentials™ RELIEVE

100% Essential Oil for pain relief and inflammation


Ease your pain today!

A comprehensive blend of powerful relieving and anti-inflammatory essential oils: 

INGREDIENTS: Wintergreen, Helichrysum Gym, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Clove, Red Thyme, Rose Otto, Lemongrass and Frankincense pure essential oils with Perilla Oil and DMSO.

Do you dread getting up in the morning because your body hurts? Joint stiffness and pain can severely impact daily life. Support the body’s natural response to relieve such musculoskeletal discomforts as well as cramps & spasms, inflammation & swelling of the joints.

  • 100% Essential Oils
  • Fights pain
  • Reduces inflammation

Suggested application:

Try a small amount on the inside of your upper arm to check for any reaction; it is rare but I believe its good to be careful.  To use full strength, rub 1-2 drops on affected area up to 3 times a day.  It can also be diluted with your choice of carrier oil, such as a good quality olive or almond oil.  It can also be added to creams and lotions. 

*Keep out of reach of children.

* WARNING: Never put essential oils near mucus membranes. It is rare for there to be a reaction, but always test an essential oil before using by placing a small amount on the underside of your upper arm; do not use further if you notice any irritation.  Not for use by children.



If your looking for natural pain relief you’ve come to right place. I’m Tina, from TriPro Product, and I’ve been developing and refining RELIEVE  for over last 5 years.

It all began when I was getting injections for spinal stenosis.  I had severe pain, but the injections never lasted until it was time for the next injection-sometimes they didn’t work at all. Surgery was being planned.

One day while out of town, bent over with pain, I thought I would try the Helichrysum Gymnocephalum I had with me in my essential oil first aid kit. I hadn’t used an oil for pain before, I was still learning about them.  When I tried the oil, I was amazed.  It reduced the pain dramatically, and it lasted for hours.  I would apply it 2 times a day, with no side effects.  I began doing more research and trying different blends on myself and offering it to others, who also experienced dramatic pain reduction.  After working on the formula, I was able to increase the reduction of pain and inflammation, to the point where it was 90% gone.  I got to the point where I was able to stop getting the injections.

That  was a few years ago and I have not had to consider surgery any longer.  I shared some with my mechanic, who could barely move at work.  He later told me, “The only reason I can keep working is because of this remedy.”

I chose the oils in this blend for their ability to address multiple mechanisms of pain and inflammation, and to go beyond symptom control by supporting the body’s own healing efforts.  For example, I include DMSO not only because it increases rapid absorption, but it has its own pain relieving properties.

Not all pain is the same, hence the broad spectrum of essentials in this blend.  Each ingredient in the blend has a unique property in effecting pain and inflammation relief, and supporting your body’s process of repair.