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Hi my is Marie, a Reiki Master and part of the TriPro team. I’ve write my research paper for me been interested in holistic health since I became a mother.  When I returned to college to prepare for social work, I wanted to enhance a healing persona because I new I’d be dealing with some very hurting people.  I believe the intention we carry can affect people immediately, and I decided to attain Reiki Master level because of its spiritual teachings.

Introduced to essential oils about 6 years ago, I was convinced of its value and immediately trained for certification.  My focus since then has been in one-on-one holistic healing, relying on my training as well as empathic intuition.  I had my own treatment facility until I began traveling.  After having consistent success with some of the custom blends I created, I wanted to standardize them and offer them to others.  As I develop other blends that I find work consistently with a broader range of people, I will make these blends available also.  Be well!

Don’t just take my word for it. Here are some links to scientific proof.

Aromatherapy works for mood issues because our sense of smell is connected to a part of the brain where thethesis help online emotional center and memories reside. Essential oil molecules are carried directly to these areas.


Information on DMSO:

Antifungal oils:

Coconut oil:

Stress and the immune system: